Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Kitty’s

And so another weekend has come to an end! How about that? Did everybody have a good one? Today was nice and low key at the Krista’s Kravings house. I made me some apple raisins oats this morning. They reminded me of the Quaker packets I use to eat as a kid! 100_7559

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • raisins
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • walnuts
  • cinnamon sugar


We woke up to rain which melted quite a bit of the snow. I was glad for the warmer temps, but I hope it doesn’t cool off too much tonight or we’ll wake up to an ice rink. We didn’t go out to the farm as the horses were all getting pampered with pedicure’s this morning and it’s quite the chore! Instead, we lazed in front of the TV for a bit and then DD and I played scrabble while the boys ran some errands.

I made myself a quick omelette for lunch with mushrooms, broccoli, egg whites and Frank’s Redhot sauce. 100_7561

Then we left to take DS to a friend’s birthday party and then a trip to Zellers (much like Target) so my hubby could pick up a few things. He couldn’t resist buying a Santa coat to antagonize the cats with. Seeing as I’m just as sadistic as him when it comes to making fun of the cats, I was all for it! My oldest cat, Octavius, was too big to fit in it, but Charlie and Pepper couldn’t escape. Pepper took it like a champ;


Charlie was horrified! He took off to the nearest chair and sat down. Every time we stood him up, he flopped back down! If looks could kill! 100_7576


Back tracking a wee bit here, we had some time before we had to pick the boy up so the 3 of us went to Tim Horton’s for Hot chocolate's. I enjoyed a candy cane one with a maple pecan Danish.


Nom, nom…what a treat! :D

Once we were home and settled, the kids went out to build a snowman. I took advantage of the few minutes of silence and wrote out all my Christmas cards so they can go in the mailbag at work tomorrow.

Dinner was a simple affair….bruschetta chicken. I browned up some chicken breast strips with mushrooms and then added this mix;


I know, cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! Once everything was heated through I served it over WW spaghetti. I kept my pasta portion to a 1/2 cup serving. 100_7579

This was really good, and really fast to prepare! My sweet end was a lemon tart; 100_7581

Cuz ya know….I didn’t already eat enough sugar today!! ;)

Very soon now we will be watching Rudolph which is one of our family favourites. Then it will be an early bedtime as I have to get back into the swing of real life again tomorrow! I’m kinda excited to get back to work, and kinda not. Humpf. It’ll be interesting to say the least! Well, enjoy what’s left of your evening…

Bye for now!!


  1. It's been a sugary weekend for me too! My excuse it the holidays....although I can't be using that one EVERY day now! Cute kitties!! Hope this week at work is low key for you.

  2. It was a good but BUSY week.

    Aww cute Pepper :)

    Enjoy Rudolph! That's a favorite over here as well.

  3. Love a relaxing Sunday :) The hot chocolate mix sounds fabulous. And of course the cat pictures are hilarious. Hope your Monday goes well

  4. HAHAHA your cat is hilarious! love love love the little outfit :)

    glad you had a nice and relaxing sunday girl it was much deserved!

  5. glad you had a relaxing day!

    i love the cat pictures...the second one could def kill with it's looks! LOL!

  6. charlie is sooo cute in that outfit! :)
    glad you had a great relaxing Sunday!

  7. I'm glad someone else feels that time is just flying by as well!! I can't believe Christmas is so close!! I need to start preparing haha. Your kitty is SO cute in that Santa suit!! I wish mine would have let us dress him up, but he'd bite me if I tried LOL

  8. omg your cat is such a cutie in the santa outfit!! glad you had a nice weekend, they really do fly by don't they?

    hope you are enjoying work today!!

  9. HAHAH I love the cat pictures! Dressing up the fur babies is the best because they hate it :)

  10. I love your cats in the Santa outfits! :)

    The lemon tart sounds great; I love all things lemon...

    Have a great week! :)

  11. Your oats look so good! This morning I actually made oats with strawberries and milk and it reminded me of the instant Quaker oats too!

    Love the adorable kitty pics!

  12. mmm I have neglected to try the holiday drinks from timmies yet! Must get on that!


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