Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gone Bananas!

Howdy, everybody!! I finally caved today and left work at noon to come home and rest. I don't feel that the medication is having the same effect as other times I've been on it and I'm pretty sure it's because I haven't taken any time this week to sit down and do nothing for more than an hour. I really should have stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday, but my sense of responsibility at work won over common sense and now I'm paying for it. I did start my day with my favourite flavour combo in my oats!
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Old Wessex 5 Grain cereal
-carob chips
It almost came down to blows on who was gonna get the last banana, DD for her PB & banana sammie or me for my oats. After some good humored arguing, we decided to have half each. Read on to see how I solved any potential spats for tomorrow morning! **WINK WINK**

Mid morning I ate my usual dates, but I'll spare you the picture today!!! I set a goal as to what I wanted accomplished before I left and was pleased to get it all in. I did bring some stuff home with me, but it's mindless alphabetizing that I can do while watching TV later.

Once home I warmed my packed lunch up and took it out to the deck to eat while I soaked up some vitamin D. Leftovers, anyone??
Chicken, cauliflower and my last Dr. Praeger's sweet potato pancake with some honey mustard on top. Quite enjoyable even though I was fighting Pepper off the whole meal! That little bugger still has no use for manners, I tell ya!

Last night while preparing lunches I chopped up a mini watermelon for DD and myself. I packed a good 2 cups worth for both our lunches and ate the rest of it after swimming lessons last night. Here's the lunch part of it;
This was sweet and juicy which was good because the last one I bought was lacking in the flavour department! And wouldn't you know that Pepper thinks watermelon is just the "cats" ass? He was all over it like it was a piece of steak! I mean, seriously now, what cat likes watermelon? He has the same passion for cantaloupe , too! I've had cats as pets my whole life and have never seen one that likes fruit. Weird-o supreme, but I love him anyways!! :)

I spent the afternoon on the deck reading. A coworker lent me a book called "The Stone Carvers" by a Canadian author, Jane Urquhart. On top of it being a fabulous read, the setting for the book is right here in Southern Ontario. It actually mentions my hometown and surrounding area quite frequently which I find way cool!

While relaxing the Mother dove who has always made her nest under our deck landed on the railing. Dad was there, too but flew away before I could take the pic. Here is Mama...
The cats go haywire when she does this. I truly think she taunts them every chance she gets because they always stare at her through the slats in the deck. Doves are my absolute favourite bird. I just find them so peaceful in every way. What is your fave bird???

I did venture to the grocery store to buy bread and Honey Nut Cheerios. I didn't think I could suffer through another meltdown by DS because we were out. Call me frugal but I ALWAYS checkout the clearance rack at any grocery store that I go to and I scored in a MAJOR way today! They had just finished putting out massive bags of bananas for $0.59/ea. HELL YA!!! I grabbed 2 bags only because that was all I could carry. Here is my haul....
37 nanaers for $1.18! I almost want to go back for more, but I think that just might border on greedy! Besides, I have a large Ziploc bag of them in the freezer so I *think* we're good on the banana front for now!

Dinner was a simple affair, but stellar none the less. My hubby grilled some salmon on the BBQ and I made some couscous (courtesy of Mr.C)...
and steamed veggies.
I really enjoyed the couscous. I've never bought the seasoned kind before, but I think I shall start! No sweet end for me yet because before dinner preparations got under way, I put some of those bananas to use!

I used this Hungry Girl recipe with my usual substitution....2 tbsp of agave in place of the Splenda. I made 2 batches. The first was in loaf form and once the mixture was combined I added a 1/3 cup of toffee and coloured chocolate bits to the batter.....
Please excuse the gouged appearance of this bread. It would appear that my off spring could not wait for me to cut them a piece! I made the second batch into mini loaves of which I got 11 (the recipe states that the loaf be cut into 8 pieces). To this batch I added a 1/3 cup of dried currants and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds to the top.....
Pretty, no? I will be sampling both once they cool down enough to actually taste them!! My hubby came home with "Mall Cop" so that is what we will be watching very shortly. The kids are stoked about that! Hopefully it will be done on time for CSI! I'm such a TV bum lately!!

Bye for now!!


  1. What an awesome deal on bananas! I always check out the clearance section too. Love the mini loaves!

  2. You certainly have gone bananas! But at least you got some good baking in with them. I love the mini loaves, they are way too cute. I so need to track down a mini loaf pan.

    Beautiful picture of the dove. I don't think we have any wild dove species out here.

  3. i love buying clearance bananas and freezing them--i find those somewhat overripe frozen bananas taste better than fresh bananas anyway!

  4. Glad you went home and got some rest! HOORAY for clearance bananas! We're going to Costco this weekend and I plan to buy tons and freeze whatever we don't use for bread baking purposes. Your loaves look like they turned out awesome!

  5. Your cat has nice tastes in food ;) Glad you went home to rest up!!

    Toffee and chocolate chips?! Yum!!

  6. I want your breakfast! Enjoy the movie and feel better!

  7. look at those bananas!!! i need to get that number of them! jealous!

    and i hope you start to feel better super soon!

    thanks for the nutritional info btw! i plan on making the bread this weekend! yay!

  8. What an awesome deal on bananas!!!

    I like you am feeling under the weather. You've no idea how badly I wanted to call in sick. Unfortunately my four trials (!) got in the way.

    I got through it though! :)

    Feel better!!!!!!

  9. I LOVE when giant bags of bananas are on clearance. I rarely see them though! I guess everyone wants the overripes just as much as I do. Sigh!

    Seasoned couscous is THE way to go. MILES better than the plain ol stuff.

    The mini naner loaves are beauties :)

  10. oh sorry Krista to know that you felt bad and had to leave to home. I know when you say sometimes the sense of responsibility works against us. But you had some good rests, good ests, and good bakes. I love love love those mini loafs.... I've been looking for it for a long time and haven't found it yet. I'll keep looking because they're so much convenient!
    HOpe you feel better today!

  11. I love the clearance ranks at grocery stores too!!

    I hope you feel better, rest up today so you can have energy for the weekend :)

  12. so many bananas! SO many things to do with them :)

  13. All your dishes look delish! I am noticing a trend this week - lots of bloggies enjoying their oats with chocolate chips or carob. Is that like eating dessert for breakfast? :-)

    The bananas were such a score!


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