Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moose Antlers & a Pie in the Face

Happy Sunday, everyone! We had a beautiful, but chilly day today. They were calling for clouds and rain, though so no complaining over here....well not much, anyways! DD must have been more tired than she thought. She didn't wake up until 10am from 9 last night! In all of her 10 years she has NEVER slept that many hours, not even when sick. I teased her by saying that she's getting lazy now that she's into double digits! Her actual b-day is Wednesday, but I let her know that after today the festivities are done. It's been fun, though!

So, yesterday I promised a few reviews and a new (to me) food. I must apologize as I never got to the new food, but I will definitely been trying it tomorrow! My first product review goes along with breakfast. While perusing the weekly grocery flyer, I saw that one store has started carrying frozen blackberries. I've never come across them before and at $2.99 I had to have them. They're from a company called D'Angelo...
I thought they would be smaller than normal, but they were a decent size and not all stuck together. Check them out;
I put some in my oats and once thawed I couldn't tell that they were not fresh. I hope the store continues to sell these!! So, here's my bowl;
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Old Wessex 5 Grain cereal
-mashed banana
-trail mix
Holy, delish!! My second review is the trail mix that I put on my oats. It's from one of the sample packs that I got from Flanigan Farms last week...
I really like that this one has no peanuts in it because DS loves it and is able to take it to school with him. I also liked the fact that it was unsalted. You could really get a taste of the ingredients true flavour au natural.
This is one mix that I would buy again for sure!

After breakfast we hoofed it over to Ikea. I somehow managed to get out of there with only a $2.00 candle! Restraint, baby, restraint! We ended up leaving at just about the lunch hour so the fam got some cheap-o hot dog's and frozen yogurts. No way I was eating that crap so we hit the first drive thru we came across so I could get a salad. Said drive thru just so happened to be McDonald's which I haven't been to in years. I ordered a grilled chicken salad and almost choked when I saw how pathetic it was for almost seven bucks. I had some iceberg lettuce, 2 slices of tomato, a few onion slices and the chicken. That was it. See for yourself...
I only used a few tbsp of the dressing and brought the rest home with me for later use. Lesson learned. At least it held me over until we got home. There was some fruit salad left from the other morning so I mixed it with a 1/4 cup plain yogurt, cinnamon and agave. I ate about half of what you see here....
We had our family over at 2 for cake and presents. It's so nice to catch up with everyone all at the same time! My best friend who lives 3 hours away was able to make it which was just awesome! She's the brains behind the name of my blog! Here she is with DD...
Hot mama, eh??? :)

As well as having the Caramel Banana bread that I made yesterday, I also made a Duncan Hines chocolate cake. Most people had a piece of each and the bread received rave reviews! There were a few who preferred the chocolate one, but 9 of the 12 pieces of mine went too! Here's my delicious piece!
DD has been wanting to go out for dinner to a restaurant called Moose Winooski's for her b-day for a few years now so that's where we took her. The reason she wanted to go there so bad? For your birthday they make you wear moose antlers and spin a wheel to have/get embarrassing things done to you. She got a pie in the face! Here are a few shots I took.

What a dork! :) She enjoyed every minute of it. I'm not surprised as she's always loved an audience! (So not like me)

For dinner I had my second salad of the day, only this one was 100% better! It was called "Balsamic Chicken salad. Here's the menu description, although I apologize for the darkness of it!
The salad came with huge chunks of vegetables and some really tender chicken breast covered in a sun dried tomato pesto.
I really enjoyed this and was stuffed after cleaning my plate!

I'm sipping on a coffee right now and plan to chill out for the rest of the night in front of the TV. I'm hoping to convince the fam to go on a hike tomorrow. It's suppose to be a sunny day and I think we can all use the fresh air. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the evening!!

Bye for now!


  1. I am so laughing right now Krista!! I love this post :)

  2. Oh my GOSH the pie!!! I LOVE it!! :) haha!! What a good sport!

    I can't wait to make that bread- it looks so moist and yummy!!

    I hope the weather pans out for tomorrow!!!! It was SO COLD today!!!

  3. hahahaha! i love DD's pie face! fantabulous!

  4. hahah love DD's pie! thats so cute :) hope you get your hike in tomorrow!!

  5. hahha.... such a fun post with fun pics. I bet your family had great time! :D so happy for all of you!

  6. LOL to the pie in the face!!!

  7. Wow, those are good lookin berries, especially for having been frozen!

  8. How fun!

    And I know first hand how delicious that banana bread is!!!

  9. Those are really good berries for the fact that they are frozen. Love DD's pie face!

  10. I love DD's antlers and her cute pie face!

  11. Looks like a super fun birthday party! Sounds like something I would have loved to do at that age =) Now I am more laid back ha ha!

  12. Sounds like a great day. Glad your caramel banana bread turned out. I wonder if I had baked mine in my square pan if it would have cooked more evenly. Hmmm.


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