Thursday, May 14, 2009

Half Day Thursday

We woke up to a windy, wet morning today! Thankfully, the wind blew it all out and the skies were blue by noon. I worked until lunch today so now I'm FREE until Tuesday!! YAY! Breakie was my favourite combo;
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Old Wessex 5 Grain cereal
-1 tbsp homemade PB
-carob chips
-cinnamon sprinkles
Oh, so good and held me over until just past 1pm! That's some staying power! I did have my dates this morning as a boredom snacky.
Does anybody else ever feel the need to eat something when bored??? It can't be just me....I hope! I also ate this sweet, juicy strawberry that was left from a meeting at work today.
A much better choice than all the pastries and muffins that were up for grabs!

I made a few mundane stops before I came home to change and eat lunch. I had to make something simple because I only had an hour before I had to be across town for my orthotic fitting appointment. I decided on an English muffin with Sabra hummus, sliced yellow tomato and some sliced green olives. I also finished my sweet potato fries from the other night.
For the life of me, I can not get this picture straight. DUH! This was a great tasting lunch! I got the idea for the muffin toppings from this months Prevention magazine. The article was about simple meal ideas that contained "MUFA"...mono saturated fats. I guess these are suppose to be great ingredients to eat for a happy tummy. You can find the information right here. In keeping with good for the belly foods theme, I ate this Activia yogurt that I also scooped from the meeting at work...
I adore this brand of yogurt, but it is costly so I don't buy it much. The vanilla is to die for. Straight up, no lies!

So, the podiatrist and 2 of his employees are guys that I went to high school with. How random is that? And I haven't seen any of them since I graduated, which was a LONG time ago (I can't believe I'm going to admit this, but it was 1992! *BLUSH*) I was nice to catch up with them. Bottom line is that my left ankle seems to be mostly healed. The right side, on the other hand, is still inflamed. "Thick" was the word that he used. He told me it would be OK to start wearing kitten heels, but nothing higher and when I run on the treadmill I'm to be sure to switch things up a bit every ten minutes so I don't put extra strain on my feet by doing the same thing for long periods of time. Good stuff to know! His office is right by the mall so I whipped in there to get some birthday party supplies. Can't leave the mall without hitting up Starbuck's so I treated myself to a grande NF iced green tea latte.
I enjoyed this while waiting for the kids to be done school. Ahhh...downtime!

I had a grown up version of one of my favourite childhood meals tonight...a hot dog sandwich! I lived off these until I got serious about my health a few years ago. The sammie consisted of white bread slathered with relish, mustard, ketchup and 2 hot dogs. Tonight's version had WW bread, relish, dijon mustard and ketchup with an Yves jumbo veggie dog.
I also had a side of steamed edamame...
My sweet end was a SF dulce du leche pudding and an unpictured Lindor chocolate.
I also nibbled on about a 1/4 cup of trail mix throughout the afternnon, but didn't take any picture's as it was a bit here and a bit there.

The CSI season finale is on tonight but I think that I will get out for a walk before I sit down to watch it. I'm off work tomorrow and have a very fun morning trip planned that I can't ait to share with you in tomorrow's post. Here's a involves another awesome blogger! Come back tomorrow to get the deets!!

Bye for now!!


  1. yayyy for being off from work! How exciting! I have tomorrow off and I am thrilled (even though we'll be in the car driving all day!) Lunch does look super yummy- what a great idea! I def eat when I'm bored- although I try my hardest not too! I usually chug a big glass of water to avoid it! I still haven't tried any of the tea lattes from bucks- Yours looks awesome!

  2. I definitely eat when I'm bored! I try really hard not to but it happens!! You're normal ;)

    That's too funny your podiatrist is someone you went to school with! Glad you're healing up!!

  3. I eat when I am bored for sure! I tried carob chips in my cereal this AM and loved them.

  4. I love your dinner! It brings back childhood memories! Enjoy CSI!

  5. ooooh those oats look SO fluff like :)

  6. OMG an iced green tea latte?!?! I need to try that asap!

  7. I always snack when i'm bored... it's so common!!! :) but you went for some really healthy choices. Strawberries are my new fav fruit, I'd eat one whole pound a day!! :)

  8. Yves makes the best veggie dogs, hands down. They have the flavour and texture pretty much spot on. I just find that if they get cold, they aren't as good.


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