Sunday, July 26, 2009

Garden Update

Hi all! I had full intentions of naming this post “Vacation Day Three”, but it was just like any other Sunday around here so I changed my mind. The kids surprised me with a wonderful breakfast this morning! 100_5216

Here we have an egg sandwich and a fruit salad of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and bananas. I ended up popping the sandwich in the sandwich maker to toast it up as the bread got kinda soggy which makes me gaggy. Once toasted, it was perfect! My hubby helped me with the bananas because although I love their flavour, they too make me gag! In the mug there was some chamomile tea.

We drove out to the farm in one hell of a thunderstorm! It was pretty cool watching all the lightening, but it was hard to see the road for the rain. I must admit that FIVE wonderfully delicious Voortman cookies passed through my lips along with my coffee! *BLUSH* What can I say? Cookies dipped in coffee are addicting!

The weather cleared up by the time we came home so I took the opportunity to take a few updated pictures of my garden for you. Enjoy! 100_5222







This is my first nasturtium bloom! There are 4 more buds coming along, too.

Because my cookie consumption completely ruined my lunch appetite, DD and I took the neighbours dog for a nice long walk. We were home no more than 5 minutes when another thunderstorm blew in. I didn’t say anything to DD, but I was worried we weren’t going to make it home when I saw the clouds that were rolling in! I finally got semi hungry around 2:30 and decided to finally make a treat that I have seen ALL OVER blog land lately….banana soft serve!!!!! 100_5227

I put 2 frozen naners in my food processor and let them whip up for a few minutes. Then I stirred in a good big handful of fresh blueberries. All I can say is….WHAT HAVE I BEEN WAITING FOR???? This was to die for. Seriously! I shared some with the fam and they all loved it, too! I don’t think I ever need to eat ice cream again. For real. DD and I were discussing different add ins and we both think that walnuts and maple syrup would be just awesome additions. Coming soon to a blog near you, my friends! I also ate an All Bran chocolate chip bar but forgot to take a picture in my soft serve euphoria!

Still wanting bison burgers after our let down at Whole Foods yesterday (if you’re just tuning in, they were sold out), DD and I set off to a few meat shops in the area to hunt some down. We were able to find store made, frozen bison burgers at the 3rd place we tried so we went with them. They were 6az patties, but I weighed mine after grilling and it shrunk to 3.5oz. A much better size for me! I served mine on a WW bun with Sabra hummus, pepper jack cheese, ketchup, Dijon, hot peppers, a grilled red onion ring and a pickle. On the side was some of the garden zucchini that had also been grilled up… 100_5230

What a fantastic meal! The bison burgers are so lean and flavourful. I much prefer them over beef.

We went to my parents after dinner where I ate 2 more cookies. I think I should just go by “cookie monster” today! :) So it would figure that the kids just went up to bed and now it is thundering again. I can guarantee you that they will NOT stay up there as long as the sky is rumbling. *sigh*. I’d better get up there and do some damage control! The weather is looking half decent for tomorrow so we are planning on a day trip somewhere. Come on back in 24 to see what we did!

I’ll leave you all a picture of my cat who has no shame…. 100_5228

Such a man! :)

Bye for now!!


  1. hahahah that picture of your cat is hilarious. Glad you had a such a nice day. Very cute that the kids made you breakfast :) LOVING the updated pics of the garden- nothing like home grown food huh?

  2. awesome garden pics!!!!
    cute cat, lol

  3. Exquisite garden there, ma'am!!

    Hooray for the soft serve!! It IS divine.

    Haha love your cat :-D

  4. Your kids are so sweet to surprise you with breakfast! Haha, I love the pic of your cat! I agree, the banana soft-serve is fabulous!

  5. The garden pictures are so beautiful! And the bison burger looks and sounds great! And yes, banana soft serve IS THE BEST! My family can't get enough of it, but somehow the toddler usually ends up getting most of it... :)

  6. Hurray for tracking down bison. It is totally superior to beef, in my opinion. Well, regular, run of the mill beef. I bet if you got some good organic beef, it would be comparable.

    And I think the perfect banana soft serve additions would be cocoa powder and peanut butter, because the addition of those two make bananas always taste better! I also wonder if you could get the same effect with other frozen fruits...hmmm.

  7. Aw, what a great breakfast! And that banana soft serve... Oh my gosh I have to try that!

  8. Such a good way to begin the day, your kids are sooo sweet! :)
    Soft banana...mmm....I just froze some to make it, sounds delicious!

  9. What sweet kids you have!! I'm glad banana soft serve doesn't make you gag because it's AMAZING :) I think I may have some myself tonight. I love DD's add-in ideas too.

    PS What a beautiful breakfast plate color and design!

  10. So cute for the kiddies to make their momma breakfast--I need to do that for my mom this weekend when she comes to visit :-) Wow, you have some nice squash in your garden--saving money rocks, that's why I love gardens and + it tastes 10x better!

  11. the garden sure is coming along well! looks awesome!

  12. Awww how sweet of them to bring you breakfast! That looks delicious, too! They did a great job!

    I have major garden jealousy!! Mine has yielded 4 cherry tomatoes and a handful of snap peas - thanks a lot, crappy weather!

  13. what a great-lookin garden!! i really need to make that soft serve...

  14. You deserve your fair share of cookies! You always eat so clean and beautifully its good to know you're human like the rest of us ;)


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