Friday, July 17, 2009

Run, There’s Mosquito's!!!

Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here! I was off work today and enjoyed a nice, relaxing day. I started off by sleeping in until 8am and taking my time getting ready. Then I enjoyed a great bowl of rye flakes! 100_5062

  • 1/4 cup POM Wonderful
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup rye flakes
  • dried currants
  • pecan pieces, carob chips, shaved coconut 100_5060

My hubby commented that my bowl looked like the filling of a butter tart! That’s how good it tasted, too! :)

After we dropped the kids off at Italian school we set out on a nice long walk. Part of said walk was on a trail where my poor hubby was getting eaten alive by skeeters. They never bother much with me. To keep them off him we decided to run out the rest of the trail….I would guess a good mile. As it was we were gone for almost 2 hours.

  • Time: 1hr 40 mins
  • Avg Hr: 117
  • Max Hr: 178
  • Calories Burned: 508

I’d say we walked a good 7 miles. We got home with enough time to go seal the deal on the Jeep Liberty! YAY! We’ll be picking it up next Wednesday. Very exciting stuff!

Once the kids were picked up we settled in for lunch. I made a toasted WW bun with a 1/4 cup egg beater, pepper jack cheese and Sabra hummus. On the side was some strained yogurt with strawberry banana jam and a sprinkle of Dorset cereal… 100_5064

I took the camera down to my garden today to take some progress photos to show you. Here are my tomatoes…100_5071


Flowers from the bell pepper plants;100_5074

My crazy butternut squash vines! 100_5077

You can see the last 2 heads of lettuce, too. And lastly, my zucchini plants; 100_5078


As you can see, things are coming along nicely!

Later in the day DD and I went to run some errands. DS decided he wanted tacos for dinner but all the ground beef was still frozen so I went to the grocery store to buy some. I can never leave with just what I went in for so when I saw this Mocha Almond Fudge coffee creamer I knew it was coming home with me! 100_5082

An indulgence for sure but it’s not like I use it everyday.

Tacos are not my thing and never have been. Yucky. I decided to make a batch of vegan chilli that I have made before. I found the recipe over at Mara’s place this winter and loved it! I cut the recipe in half this time and still have plenty leftover for lunches. This batch had an onion, garlic, 1 cup bulgur, 2 cups water, a large can of tomato sauce, 1 can each of red kidney beans, lentils and chickpeas, green beans and 3 chipotle’s. I left those out last time and boy, oh boy did they EVER spice it up! 100_5085

I topped my serving off with a good 1/3 cup of plain NF yogurt and some grated marble cheese…100_5083

Very, very good! I cooled my mouth off with another grocery store treat….cappuccino fro-yo with espresso bean flakes…100_5086

As good as it sounds and looks! I even went back for another bowl. *blush*

After all that food I figured I’d better move around some so I played “baseball” in the driveway with DS for a 1/2 hour. This meant he threw the ball at me while I dodged it and he laughed hysterically! What a kid. They’re down at the park now so I plan to tuck in on the front porch with my book until they get back. I’m aiming for an early night because I want to go to the market tomorrow to stock up on fruit for the week. Hope it doesn’t rain! Enjoy your evening!

Bye for now!!


  1. Sounds like you've had a really GREAT day Krista! Congarats on the car...I think we're going to need to see some pics of you in the drivers seat ;) That cappuccino fro-yo looks AMAZING!

  2. What a beautiful garden you have! Butternut squash!? YUM! I can't wait to see it on your plate. Congrats on the car--will it be for YOU to drive?

  3. Your garden looks gorgeous AND delicious! Yay for your car :) Hope you can get to the market tomorrow!

  4. Our gardens look exactly the same. I am so excited for my butternut squash. I can taste the yummy recipes now.

  5. all your eats looked amazing, but i almost wanted to jump up and down for your squash blossoms :)

  6. I LOVE your garden! That's awesome!

    However, even more, I LOVE LOVE all of the froyo goodness! :D

  7. Beautiful garden pics!
    I still love that breakfast ... the rye flakes soak up the Pom like oats I guess? So neat! I have never heard of rye flakes til now.

  8. Ooo a jeep--how fun! My mom recently got the Scion XD(I don't know if you have those in Canada?), anyways it's an awesome little ride! Glad you enjoyed your day of no work!

  9. Congrats on the car, yay!!! Your garden is! Chili sounds perfect for dinner since it's actually a little chili outside (high today is only 67F here!). Enjoy the rest of your day!

  10. Your garden is coming along beautifully!!!!!! Good show!!!

  11. Nice garden pics. I'm hoping to convince my mom to let me grow some stuff next summer in our yard.

    I'm not really a taco person either. My sister would always want them, but they weren't really my thing. Especially if they have those stupid crispy shells. That's just asking for me to wear my dinner.


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