Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation Day 4 - Ontario Science Centre

It seems as though our plans changed about 100 different times over the course of the day! It was all good, though! I started it out with a very good breakfast; 100_5233

  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • raisins
  • almond butter
  • strawberry banana jam


This meal packed a punch and held me over for a good long while!

I have to back track to last night for a minute here. My hubby decided that he liked the banana soft serve enough that he wanted another batch as a snack. No problem! We used 2 frozen bananas and a half cup of mixed berries in this batch and it turned out fabulous! 100_5231

This here is less than a half cup; I'm betting that he ate a good 2 cups worth!

We set out at 11am in less than stellar weather, but the weatherman said sun for the afternoon so we trusted him on that. We decided to go to Ontario Place as I had thought that we could get discounted tickets through our City Pass. Whenever we go somewhere for the day we pack a lunch for the cooler and plan to arrive at our destination for lunch time. This way we can eat just before entering the park which saves us money in buying food on the grounds. I wasn’t crazy hungry at lunch so I ate a banana blueberry muffin from St. Jacobs….. 100_5236

Turns out that the discounted tickets were not available, but I still wasn’t about to pay $33.50 per person because I can get tickets for $20.00 each at work. Before leaving DD and I got my Hubby to take our photo…100_5238

We weren’t too far from the Ontario Science Centre so that is where we ended up. 100_5242

It`s a GREAT place for the kids. Very hands on and informative. They have a ball there that makes your hair stand on end when you touch it. DS doesn’t really have any hair for it, but DD sure looked funny! 100_5256

DS tried his hand at driving a “floating” bicycle. 100_5248

It was much harder than he anticipated! About 3pm I pulled this Nature Valley trail mix granola bar out for a snack; 100_5258

I found this tidbit of info an space travel rather interesting! 100_5251

Just in case it’s not clear, it reads “Scientists creating all terrain robots looked at how snails can crawl safely over razors by secreting mucus to smooth their way”. Cool! I came across the prettiest flowers on a tree when we were on our way back to the parking lot! 100_5240

Anybody have any idea on what this might be called??? Traffic on the way home was just awful. Bumper to bumper the whole way. I snacked on some watermelon while we were crawling through it;


DS had soccer tonight and thankfully we were wise enough to pack his gear because we didn’t have enough time to go home first. That also meant fast food for dinner. We ended up at Wendy’s where I had full intentions of buying a salad until I saw that they had shrunk in size over the last few years. I went with a chicken snack wrap;


And side salad which I didn’t eat because she gave me ranch dressing which I hate and no fork. Blah. 100_5261

The wrap was OK in a pinch. The piece of chicken was all white meat and pretty decent. Too bad they decided to go with a white tortilla. Whole wheat would have been MUCH better.

Shortly after getting back on the road it started to pour buckets. It rained pretty much right to the soccer field. By some miracle it stopped just in time for the game and the sun came back out.

Right now I’m feeling a little stressed out and am debating a short run, but I just chugged a cup of joe and it’s a little darker out than I like to be by myself in. I may have to dust the treadmill off. All in all, we did have a great day, if a little scattered! I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow. The weather will decide that one! I hope everyone had a great Monday!

Bye for now!!


  1. Can I get a major HOLY YUM for that breakfast?? Wowza.

    Love the photo of you and DD!!

    Ahh, hang in there with feeling stressed - hope you have a relaxing evening!!

  2. Looks like fun! The blueberry banana soft serve looks so amazing!
    Those are really beautiful flowers. Which I knew what they were!

  3. Your breakfast looks delicious. And the berry banana soft serve looks and sounds awesome. I'm still only making plain banana soft serve, but I think I have to start adding some things to it...

  4. The berry banana soft serve looks pretty awesome. I think I'm going to have to freeze some of my bananas - it's so freakin' hot here, they would make for the perfect after dinner snack. Do you think it would work in the Magic Bullet? I don't have a proper food processor, so it's either that or the immersion blender.

    And I love going to the Science Centre! It was one of my favourite field trips when we were in school.

  5. I am absolutely LOVING the soft serve!

  6. I believe that might be a version of the lantana bush! I hope I'm right!

  7. Ive been inspired by your soft serve and have two bananas as we speak in the freezer right now! What a great vacation you're having. Cant wait to hear more!

  8. I have to try that banana soft serve. It looks sooo good!

  9. your breakfast and that frozen nanner soft serve look amazing!!!!!!
    i think you should open a soft serve store to share with other people!!! :D

  10. How cute is DD's shirt? I love that!!! Gosh I have to try this frozen banana soft serve- I know it would be a hit with Josh. I will have to pick up a mega pack of nanas from Costco this weekend. Love the addition of the berries

  11. Hi Krista! I just started my own blog, I love reading your blog! Your kids are adorable, and I love Science Museums! That breakfast oatmeal looks delish!!!

  12. I was shocked by your cup o' joe chugging but then realized we are in a different time zone :)

    I put some berries in my frozen banana soft serve too over the weekend...and it looked like yours...until I turned it into dark green soup with spinach.

    Hope you find a way to destress--afterall you're on vacation!

  13. That jam looks & sounds great!!

    I love science museums still, I'm a nerd like that ha ha. I really like the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum too!

  14. Science centers are so much fun! I'm a total kid at heart and love those places!! Looks like a great family outing :)

  15. I love the idea of mixing blueberries into the banana soft serve...brilliant!

    Oh, wow, the Ontario Science Centre is so much fun! (As a kid the ball that makes your hair stand on end was my favorite!)

  16. Yum, that muffin is beautiful :)

    It's odd, sometimes when I'm stressed a run or some type of physical exercise is just what I need... other times it's calming down and relaxing. Hope you got your fix!


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