Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Weekend: Part 2

Hi all! So I left you yesterday just as we were heading out to dinner with friends. What a great time we all had! We went to Casey’s which is one of my favourite places to eat out. There were 6 kids between the ages of 5-10 so I decided a drink was in order. I can’t remember the name of what I had but there was mango, acai syrup and tequila in there and it was delicious! 100_4979

For my meal I went with the rotisserie chicken breast with a side of veg instead of fries and coleslaw; 100_4980

I ended up leaving most of the slaw because I wanted room for dessert! I love that you can get mini versions of their dessert and I went right for the mini PB and brownie sundae… 100_4983

Nom, nom! Here’s a picture of the 3 of us. We’ve know each other since we were like, 2 (that’s a lot of years!!!)! 100_4981

After dinner we all headed over to an Italian festival that was going on in our old neighbourhood. Two hours later, $120 bucks between the 3 sets of parents and countless amusement rides later, the kids parents were beat and we made our way home. I was hungry again as dinner was 5 hours past at this point so I ate one of these Dare Simple Pleasures bars; 100_4985

BAD choice because this woke my sweet tooth up and I ended up eating the last of my sister’s lemon squares, too. Funny how that snack didn’t get a picture taken!

We all slept in until 9am this morning. Awesome! I really couldn’t decide what to eat for breakfast because it was one of the rare mornings that I wasn’t feeling oats. I finally opted for a toasted WW bagel with chocolate PB2. On one half I put fig preserves, on the other half there was raspberry. There was a small amount of the PB2 leftover so I put that on the plate too with a side of fresh raspberries. 100_4984

What a fantastic breakfast! The raspberries tasted really good dipped into the chocolate pB2. We made our way out to the farm and I was so excited to visit with Lacey again. She’s growing like a weed! My MIL timed it so that DD got to feed Lace her 11am bottle. Look at this sweet little babe! 100_4993

She drinks that bottle in 2 minutes flat. No lies! Some of the “big” horses came to see me today and they seemed so very large after being used to Lacey….and they’re mini horses! Hehe!

Lunch was a quick wrap with egg whites, raw cow’s milk Swiss from Whole Foods and some Sabra hummus. I put 2 apricots on my plate but ended up eating one in favour of some cherries that the kids brought out… 100_4999

Then I savoured a square of halvah; 100_5001

I relaxed and read for a good part of the afternoon then at 4 we made our way back to the festival to see the greasy pole contest. I forgot my camera or I woulda taken picture’s for sure! They have a guys pole and a girls pole (which is a wee bit shorter) and each one is slathered with a thick coat of grease. To win the prize (which consists of Italian meats and cheese) the participants have to get to the top of the pole and pull a flag off. Entertaining for sure! I sipped on a small iced coffee from Tim Horton’s while watching;


We each had something different for dinner in an effort to clean out the fridge. The kids ate some pasta, sausage and salad, my hubby had sausage, pork tenderloin and salad and I consumed a HUGE salad with tomato, feta, pork tenderloin, Ted Readers peach & bourbon sauce and some of this Fig Balsamic dressing; 100_5003

So, so good! Here’s the salad! 100_5004

I’m just sipping a Camino cocoa hot chocolate while I type this. I think I’m gonna spend some more time outside with my book before preparations for tomorrow have to start. Hope every has enjoyed a fabulous weekend!

Bye for now!!


  1. Lovin' all the chocolate goodness and cute pony! :-D

    Enjoy reading!!

  2. Lacey is so adorable! And just for the record, I did predict those cookie bars being dangerously good :)

  3. What a fun day! Lacey is really adorable! Tim Horton's is my absolute favorite coffee, yum!

  4. I loved hearing about your fun weekend adventures! Isn't that funny how money can go so fast?! And that pole contest sounds extremely odd--but VERY entertaining haha!
    btw--thanks for the recommendation on the No Pudge recipe in the 1st HG cookbook. I went to grab it off my shelf and looked it up =)

  5. Mmm...your food looks lovely and so does your drink!

    I love this blog...i will be back!

  6. Awww what a fun weekend :) I love that youre still hanging with the same girls youve known since you were 2!!

  7. What a great and busy weekend- do you have a favorite part? That drink you had out to dinner sounds incredible

  8. such a great weekend!! :) getting with old friendS! so fun!

  9. That drink looks absolutely delish!!! And it looks like you had a lovely weekend! :o)

  10. That drink from dinner sounds fantastic!! Glad you and your friends had a great evening!

    Aww, Lacey is so adorable!!

  11. Only Canada would have the good sense to have mini desserts in restaurants. Here on the other side of the border we have eclairs the size of canoes.
    Oh, America I can't stay mad at you though. . .
    What a gorgeous weekend and salad!!

  12. Awwww cute little pony! Reminds me of those My Little Pony movies and dolls!

  13. Oh tequila...why are you so mean to me. I used to be able to drink it, but the thought of it sends my stomach into a tizzy. I bet it tasted good though!

    And no hot cereal for breakfast? Are you sure you're feeling alright? ;)


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